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REPLACEMENT Spring Set (Front & Rear) for SENDER Machines

REPLACEMENT Spring Set (Front & Rear) for SENDER Machines

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These are REPLACEMENT springs for SENDER Machines.

They are hand cut from the highest quality blue spring steel.

These ARE NOT generic springs and WILL NOT fit on every machine.  They are designed and cut to fit my specific geometries ONLY.

I am supplying them as REPLACEMENT SPRINGS FOR SENDER MACHINES ONLY and I reserve the right to refuse anybody who attempts to bulk order them.

Please select your style of machine from the options and suitable springs for that machine will be supplied. If you are purchasing replacement springs for multiple SENDER Machines of different setups, please add them to your cart as separate items. You will be able to order multiples but please only order what you need. Springs are time consuming to produce and I am offering this item to make it easier for my customers to obtain spare springs when required.

If you require springs for a SENDER Machine that was built prior to 2014 or is especially bespoke, please enquire via the contact form so we can determine exactly what springs you require.