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About Me- Mark Sender

How great is it to be a tattooer when things are going your way?

How good is  the feeling of pulling a perfect, bold line, packing solid black or drawing with a fine liner like it's a pencil? 

How satisfying is the sound of a smooth running liner as it hits the skin and barely changes pitch or the repetitive drone of of your shader as you whip out your black?

I know these feelings... they are some of my very favourite things.

I build machines for tattooers so that they can experience these very same feelings, so they too can feel that bond with their machines.

I've been tattooing and building machines since 2006. The two always went together for me. As I became a better tattooer, my machines too became better.

The more I learnt about machines, the more I loved using them. The more I used them, the more I wanted to build.

Today I build far more than I tattoo. I build for tattooers all over the world that want a machine that can do all those things that I mentioned and more. 

My aim is always to provide machines that exceed people's expectations, that are rugged, versatile, reliable and attractive and that perform, day in, day out.

I'm proud to say that my machines are made to the highest quality standards in North Canterbury, New Zealand from predominantly locally sourced materials, employing the help, when necessary, from other local businesses.


Mark Sender, 2019