BLACK&GOLD KQ2- "Your Way..."
BLACK&GOLD KQ2- "Your Way..."
BLACK&GOLD KQ2- "Your Way..."
BLACK&GOLD KQ2- "Your Way..."

BLACK&GOLD KQ2- "Your Way..."

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The  KQ2 is a sleek, solid running and surprisingly powerful single coil tattoo machine. They are lightweight and reliable and can be setup to efficiently tackle most tasked faced by your average tattooer in their daily work.

I build the KQ2 as one-offs but also offer them in this classic Black&Gold format for the tattooer who just wants a reliable machine but doesn't want to sweat the details. The build quality and process are exactly the same but the turnaround time, much shorter.

If that sounds like you, go ahead and read through the details below and choose your desired setup.

Each different setup has been extensively tested and proven.
The different setups are;

-Zippy Small Liner: 1-7 liners @7.5v Unloaded: approx. 160hz / Loaded: approx. 130hz

-Mid-Grouping Liner- 5-9 liners @7.5v Unloaded: approx. 145hz / Loaded: approx. 120hz

-Big Liner: 7-11liners @7.5v Unloaded: approx. 130hz / Loaded:approx. 110hz

-Shader/Colour Packer: up to 13mg @7.5v Unloaded: approx. 120hz / Loaded: approx. 100hz

-Black and Grey Quick Shader: up to 13mg @7.5v Unloaded: approx. 125hz/Loaded: approx. 105hz

As these machines will be set up and tuned to order please allow 5-7 days from the time you order until it is shipped. Much appreciated!

*Please note that the machine in the photo is an example and is not the machine you will receive. You will receive a Black&Gold KQ2 machine but there will be small differences in parts and appearance with each different setup.
The one pictured is a Big Liner*

*Please keep in mind that the speeds and voltages quoted above will vary for each machine and each user, depending on their setup. These descriptions are intended to be used as a guide to help you choose which machine is right for you. All testing was done using my "perfect rubber bands", available on this site. Using different rubber bands will yield different results

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