Onnie O'Leary x Mark Sender- Fine Liner
Onnie O'Leary x Mark Sender- Fine Liner
Onnie O'Leary x Mark Sender- Fine Liner
Onnie O'Leary x Mark Sender- Fine Liner
Onnie O'Leary x Mark Sender- Fine Liner
Onnie O'Leary x Mark Sender- Fine Liner

Onnie O'Leary x Mark Sender- Fine Liner

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Onnie x Sender Fine Liner for pushing 3-7rl

 quickly with a smooth, sharp hit and a persistent drive for super crisp, fine lines.

Here's some quick specs but please read the passage below, by Onnie, for the full rundown on how these beautiful machines came to be...

Unloaded speed: 155-160hz
Loaded speed: 126-132hz
Voltage: loaded at 7.5v (range 6-8v)
Weight: approx. 182gm
Rubber Bands: 1 Kumquat size

It was a hot sticky day in Melbourne when Mark and I met for the first time at a convention that ended with some surprise tattoos. I still have mine, and get asked all the time why I chose to get a pear, some cheese and a vagina on my leg. In truth, I didn't. Mark chose it based on our conversation earlier that day and it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship that has led to this collaboration.

Meeting Mark was a turning point in my career, his expertise in tattooing, and knowledge of machines gave me an insight into just how much better I could be if I knew more about the tools I was working with and what they could do. Since then my lines have been smoother, the colours heal quicker and each piece is done sooner, just by selecting the right tools for the job. 

While I have quite a few of Mark's machines now, my Kumquat has been a daily driver since I bought it from him last year. It was somewhat experimental, borne from expressing my frustration at how long it was taking me to do those big colour tattoos I love to do. Mark suggested creating a colour packer with a shallower throw that ran faster which would let me tattoo at my natural hand speed and oh boy, did it work out great. The shallow throw also meant less trauma and my clients were coming back and exclaiming how quickly their tattoos were healing. On the other end, the balance of the single coil meant that I wasn't suffering as much strain on my wrist and arm as the majority of the weight is over the hand doing the work. Longevity is a real issue in tattooing and I'm happy to have found something that will allow me to keep doing what I love for a long time to come as well as being able to achieve a good tattoo in less time.

This build has been designed with my style of tattooing in mind, aimed to allow you to get your tattoos done quickly and smoothly and with minimal fucking around. A quick tattoo is a good tattoo, I like to say. So the liners are fast, but back off enough for a clean heal and the shaders will get your colour in quickly and solidly.

Overall, the Kumquat has been a boss little machine that has made my life and the life of my clients better and I'm excited to pass them on to other tattooers to use. I hope you get as much pleasure from them as I have because with care and love these machines will last you a lifetime of tattooing and help you make sick tatts for happy clients and keep them coming back for more. Enjoy!


*Please keep in mind that the speeds and voltages quoted above will vary for each machine and each user, depending on their setup. These descriptions are intended to be used as a guide to help you choose which machine is right for you. All testing was done using my "perfect rubber bands", available on this site. Using different rubber bands will yield different results

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