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Ginkgo Big Liner- Plum
Ginkgo Big Liner- Plum
Ginkgo Big Liner- Plum
Ginkgo Big Liner- Plum
Ginkgo Big Liner- Plum
Ginkgo Big Liner- Plum

Ginkgo Big Liner- Plum

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The GINKGO is multi-part, mixed metal tattoo powerhouse! Due to it’s makeup it’s light in the back and weightier at the front giving it a great balance and feel, even on a plastic tube. The frame is supported on both sides giving the machine great rigidity, increasing efficiency and smoothness. 

This Plum, copper vein and orange GINKGO Big Liner is a heavy hitting liner with a strong follow through for pushing up to 14 liners with ease. It has a decent throw and a tried and tested guillotine tube vice. It’s a rad power liner for traditional tats or beefing up you line weights on Japanese and neo trad. 


It features;

  • Heavy hit and firm, consistent drive for lining with up to 14rl
  • Powerful 1-1/8" orange tape wrapped coils
  • Plum and copper vein powder coated Aluminium GINKGO frame and components
  • Nickel plated steel bolt-on tube vice
  • Black oxide heavy weight SENDER 5mm A-bar
  • Polished brass hardware
  • 18g springs
  • A trusty Guillotine vice for easy clamping on all your tubes.

Tech specs;

  • Needle groupings: Up to 14rl
  • Voltage: 7.5v (optimal range 6v-8v)
  • Speed: Unloaded-132hz Loaded- approx. 110hz
  • Duty: approx. 55%
  • Amps: 0.57A
  • Throw: Medium
  • Weight: 188gm
  • Rubber bands: 1-2 (standard)

*please keep in mind that the speeds and voltages quoted above will vary for each machine and each user, depending on their setup. These descriptions are intended to be used as a guide to help you choose which machine is right for you. All testing was done using my "perfect rubber bands", available on this site. Using different rubber bands will yield different results 


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