Tattoo machines come in many shapes, sizes and colours and can be set up in many different ways to perform different tasks within tattooing.

As a professional tattooer, having a machine that runs exactly how you need it to is essential... having one that looks like you is just AWESOME!

Take the time to consider what you need and make a custom order. You get to choose your frame style, setup, themes and colours, creating the machine that you've always needed AND wanted.

Please fill out the form below and submit it to get your Machine booked in. Please take your time with it and have fun. There is an option to save the form for later should you need more time to consider all the options. 

Please be aware that there is a lead time of up to 6 weeks from the time you submit your form to the time you receive your custom machine.  We will notify you with a more accurate lead time estimate upon submission and approval of your form.