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RIBBON CORD by Jas (Clipcord)
RIBBON CORD by Jas (Clipcord)
RIBBON CORD by Jas (Clipcord)
RIBBON CORD by Jas (Clipcord)

RIBBON CORD by Jas (Clipcord)

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These are Jas' original RIBBON CORDS. 

Jas makes some amazing products and the Ribbon Clipcord is a proven style that will keep your machines running for years. It is lightweight, simple, reliable and strong and, in my opinion, performs better than most cords on the market.

These are Jas' original design that have been copied by many, bettered by none. 


  • 6ft length
  • Lightweight
  • Quality stranded copper wire
  • Wipeable over full length of the cord.
  • 1 piece flexible solid spring clip
  • 6.35mm (1/4") standard phono plug
  • Reinforcement at all stress points

I am not offering a lifetime guarantee on these clipcords like some manufactures do but I can assure you that they are individually handmade to the highest quality and the will perform well for you. They are tough but like ALL clipcords they are NOT indestructible. Please treat them with respect and they should do you good service. If you feel that yours breaks unduly or does not perform to your expectations please email me to discuss it.